Monday, May 18, 2015

Why You Need to Add Jump Roping to Your Workout Routine

I remember loving jump roping in grade school. I could always go much longer than the other kids in my class and my gym teacher praised me for that. (I thought I was all that.) It was just a fun activity that I liked in gym class, but little did I realized the health benefits it had. I recently was looking up the benefits of jump roping, and let me say there are a lot! Jump roping is a great workout for your entire body. Don't believe me? Well here are a few benefits of jump roping.

First, like I said, it works your entire body: arms, abs, heart, everything! What's also great is that it's not only a cardiovascular workout but also a strength workout. It also doesn't impact your knees as much as running does. I know I get the worst knees after running!

It also is great for weight loss! it burns a lot of energy and helps burn excess fat. You can consider it interval training, which we all know burns a lot of fat!
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It can increase cardiovascular fitness. I feel like this is the most hated type of working out. However, jump roping is considered one of the most efficient forms of cardiovascular exercise because it involves your entire body, thus elevating your heart rate immediately.
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Like I said before, it is also considered a strength training workout. It can improve muscle tone in your legs and lower body. It also tones muscles in your abs, butt, chest, arms, calves, and thighs. How many workouts do you know can do all of that? This workout creates micro-tears when you work muscles hard, and the micro-tears go away after a couple of days, creating larger and stronger muscles.


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