Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Workout: Arm Routine

It's a Monday everyone! Weekly workout here we come. This week's workout focuses on your arms. Myself and fellow women can admit that we are a majority weeklings when it comes to our arms. All of our strength is in our legs and they are easy to workout. Let's even everything out, shall we? Do the following workout 3-5 times about every other day this week.

My Fitness Update: I thought I would start updating you guys about how my fitness routine each week, so here we go. To be honest, it hasn't bean so great. I was lazy the beginning of last week and I didn't do much workout at all. I found a solution though. Fact: I am not a morning person. So running in the morning was a bit of a struggle bus for me. It takes me a good hour of checking twitter, instagram, etc. and catching up on my YouTube subscriptions before I have the energy to get out of bed. Then, I don't really wake up till about another hour later, when I have eaten breakfast and gotten ready. So I decided I would start workout out in the evenings. It's not for everyone, but I am the definition of a night owl, so I tried it out. I love it! I am so much more motivated when I have energy at night and I love it. It is a very relaxing way to end my day. 
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