Sunday, June 29, 2014

Peak Into My Journal: What Criminal Minds Has Taught Me

Today is the beginning of a new series I came up with called Peak Into My Journal. I have started using a new journal, just to write random thoughts and such, and I decided I would share a little bit of it with you. In this series I will share with you something that I have recently written in my journal, that I thought you all would like to know about. I may share a list (like today), an idea, a quote, a picture, or just my random thoughts.  

This week I decided to include my list of What Criminal Minds Has Taught Me. This is a fun list that is ongoing, and a good laugh for me whenever I see it. They are just random things that connect back to some of the episodes. Also, don't take these too seriously, they are just for fun. Here is my list so far...

1. Never get in a black S.U.V. You might be abducted buy the person driving it.
2. Never lick the back of envelopes at the bank. You will get sick and die.  
3. Never be a prostitute. You are at a high risk and an easy target for a cereal killer.
4. Never go to a shopping center on its opening day. The air may get poisoned.   
5. Never be in a situation where you haven't put thought into entry and exit points and potential improvised defensive tools. It's just asking to get killed.  
6. Never volunteer to take a kid home if he is sick. His dad will kill you.
7. Never totally let your guard down. Someone might kill you.
8. Never get involved with the Irish mob. You'll be nearly killed and forced to pretend you died to save your family.
9. Never go jogging. It's the prime time to get killed.
10. Never create a usual routine. Any cereal killer can find it out and kill you when you are most vulnerable.
11. Never help people look for their lost dogs or kids. You will either be killed or abducted. 
12. You have a better chance of staying alive in any situation of you're not an 18-25 year old female. They are often the first one's killed.  
13. Never stay at a small off road motel. You will be raped a killed by the owner.

Thumbs up to any of you who remember any of the episodes these are from!


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