Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Updated Workout Routine

As promised, here is my updated workout routine. I know, I know! I had only bean on my previous workout routine for a few weeks, but I wanted to incorporate more arm exercises into my routine and I found some new ideas from Pinterest (of course). Keep in mind, I am not a professional trainer and this routine may not work for everyone. I have just come up with this routine on my own to work the parts of my body that I would like to.

In my previous post about my workout routine, I told you all that I enjoyed doing my runs in the evening. However, I am back to running when I first wake up. I find it a great way to start my day, and sometimes I would feel too lazy when it came evening time. I run for about 15-20 minutes as soon as I get up in the morning, and I still run through my neighborhood without music. I love all of the wonderful sounds.  

I decided to start working out my arms more. In cheerleading, it's important to be strong in your arms, so I have added a few exercises to my routine. It isn't a lot, but I would like build at least little bit of muscle in my arms. Bellow are the exercise moves that I do.

25 push ups
20 bicep curls
20 tricep raises
10 tricep dips

As usual, I love working my abs, so of course I will include my favorite ab exercises. I do this routine two to three times for the best results.   

100 crunches
50 lemon squeezers
50 bicycle crunches 
10 leg raises
10 straight leg sit ups

As a cheerleader, flexibility is important and I feel that flexibility is just important in general. After I run, workout my arms, and workout my abs, I hold my splits for about 30 seconds and then stretch out any other muscles that feel tight.

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Picture Credit: pinterest.com