Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Makeup Trends: Bare Complexion, 60s Inspired, Just Bitten Lips

Today I have three more makeup trends for the fall. I bare face complexion is all the hype on the runways along with 60s inspired makeup and just bitten lips. All of the focus is on the eyes this season, with minimal attention to paid to the lips and face.

Bare Complexion

The trends for complexion is very low key. This fall stick to light contour and blush. This makes anyone's life a lot easier because of the minimal makeup. Ditch the heavy bronzers and blushes for a lightweight foundation or BB cream.

60s Inspired

Another big makeup trend this fall is 60s inspired. Not only is it on trend for fashion, but also for makeup. 60s makeup includes cut crease eye shadow, and full lashes. Apply light shadow all over the lid, and then use a darker shade in the crease, making sure not to blend too much. Use false lashes or several coats of volumizing mascara. Also, apply mascara to the lower lashes for more of a doll like effect.

Just Bitten Lips

I am in love with this trend. It's a very simple lip look that can be achieved by anyone. Use a small amount of concealer to tone down the color of your lips and apply a pinky-red shade, just to the center of your lips and blend it out with your fingers.

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