Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love My Skin: The Sun

Our skin is the largest organ. It needs just a little bit of keeping and care to keep it healthy and smooth. This new series is all about caring for your skin. Get excited for new, upcoming posts all about getting beautiful and healthy skin. Today we will be discussing the prevention of wrinkles and skin cancer.  

According to, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Wrinkles and skin cancer are so easily preventable that it seems silly to write a whole post about it, but so many people do not understand or refuse to understand the dangers your skin can be in.

Let's start out with some facts about aging skin. Aging skin cannot be prevented. Everyone's skin becomes thinner with age and loses fat. Skin also looses it's supple feel and becomes rougher in texture. Most of skin change as you age is associated to sun damage. The sun damages the elastic fibers that keep the skin firm, allowing wrinkles to develop.

The sun can also cause age spots on the hands, face, and other sun-exposed areas. The amount of wrinkles you will have when you get older is greatly dependent on a person's sun exposure.

So what's the solution? Stop frying yourself in the sun, ladies! Though some wrinkles are hereditary and natural as you age, most can be prevented by protecting yourself from the sun. Stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm because the rays are strongest then. Wear sunscreen EVERY DAY. That's right...every day! Sun can be damaging on your skin, rain or shine.

Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 0r greater on your hands, face, and any other exposed areas. Once you get into a routine of apply sunscreen every day, it will be second nature. Just think that you will look younger so much longer and preventing cancer by doing so.

Having damaged skin can be a terrifying thing. Visit your dermatologist for yearly checkups, not just once. Doctors can detect the first signs of cancer if your moles change or you have moles suddenly appear. Though they may not all be cancerous if they change, having them removed immediately might just save you from a serious illness.

Like I said above, skin cancer is extremely common. Give up the hours of sun bathing and tanning beds for soft, supple skin. Your skin will be so much healthier, and you won't be risking your health. Trust me, no one wants to deal with skin cancer.

About ten to fifteen minutes of unprotected sun exposure is healthy for Vitamin D, but much more than that can be seriously damaging to skin

Stay safe ladies,

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