Friday, September 19, 2014

Care for your Scalp

You scalp is often neglected when it comes to hair care. It is the most important part of your hair, however. It is wear your hair beings to grow. The condition of your scalp determines how healthy or how damaged your hair is. Today, I will be giving you all a few tips to keeping your scalp super healthy. Let's keep our hair healthy and take care of our scalps. 
I have very curly, course hair, so that is the type of hair I will be focusing on, but even if you don't have that hair type, many of these tips can be incorporated into your own routine. My first tip is to not wash your hair every day. Trust me, it is terrible for your scalp. It can get super dry, causing your hair to produce even more oils. When you wash your hair every day, you strip the essential oils that your hair needs to be healthy. In the beginning, use dry shampoo to keep oil at bay, but your hair will become accustomed to it, and it will not produce as much oil. In between washes I will still rinse my hair with water so that I can start out with a clean slate every morning, but only rinse it.

My next tip is specifically for my curly girls. Stop using shampoo! This is really hard for me because I have bean using shampoo for my entire life. Us curly girls have extremely dry scalps. Even a little bit of shampoo can irritate it. Trust me, it is not gross. Conditioner does a great job at washing your hair also. However, once a week mix a palm size amount of sugar as an exfoliant for your scalp. It will help get rid of dry patches without stripping the hair too much.

These two tips are my biggest things for washing your hair. Don't wash it every day, and if you have curly hair, take shampoo out of the picture completely. I hope these tips will help you have more beautiful and healthy hair for the future. 

Stay classy my lovelies, 

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