Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Inspiration: Preppy

It is really starting to feel like fall in my city. It's getting cooler out, and I have transferred from my regular Mocha Frappuccino to a simple hot chocolate at Starbucks. In the fall mood, I decided to give you all a little bit more fall fashion inspiration. These are some of my favorite preppy fall outfits I have found.

This first outfit is great for when it starts to get really chilly. Layering is the way to go for the winter and fall season. Pair your favorite button-up with a cropped sweater and a leather jacket over top. It is unbelievable how cozy all of these layers can be together. Black pants and an oversized black tote are my essentials during the fall and winter season. The neutral colors will go with anything you wear.
This next picture is a lovely photo of my girl Taylor Swift. A great way to mix up your outfit is to swap out your dark colored pants for a fun pair of kaki pants. Pair it with your favorite blue button up and then add a blazer in the same color family. Booties with a little heal are super comfortable and cute for chilly fall days. I also love the mustard colored bag. Along with all for the other fall colors, it is a nice pop of color to the outfit.
If you are going to a fancier event, take inspiration from this cute outfit. Bring your beloved midi skirts into fall by paring it with a classic striped long sleeve shirt. It's cute but very simple. As for shoes, I would pair a cute pair of booties to keep your toes warm.
I hope these looks helped you find inspiration for the fall. Stay tuned for more posts to come, with fall inspiration themed around different styles.
Stay classy my lovelies,
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