Monday, September 1, 2014

Update on Blogging Schedule

Hello friends,

I would just like to update you all on my new blogging schedule. Over the summer, I was able to put up a new post for you all every single week. With school starting, I do not have as much time to do so, so I have changed my schedule.

My new schedule will include a new post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday instead of every day. My Weekly Workout and Make Me Laugh Monday posts will now be bi-weekly (i.e. Weekly Workout one week and then Make Me Laugh Monday the next week). Also, my Five Faves Friday will be bi-weekly as well. I changed the schedule for my Five Faves Friday because of school and because I find it difficult to find five different things I have bean loving every week. My Peak Into My Journal posts will still be every Sunday though.

I hope you all will be considerate of this lighter schedule. Because I have fewer posts, they will be much better quality, and I will do more research for each of them, so you know as much about the topic as you need.

Thanks so much lovelies,

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