Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simple Black Outfits

My go to color for the last few months has bean black, of all colors. I know that's a very summery color(*sarcastic tone*). I just find that it looks very put together and it is super easy to match with anything! I have come up with two all-black outfits that are great for the fall time. There is one casual one and then a fancier one. Take you pick and swap any pieces you like for the ones I have provided!

Casual Look

I am in love with this comfy, casual look. It's a great way to incorporate crop tops into a fall outfit. Pair a simple black crop top, like this one from JC Penney for $36 with a pair of high wasted, black skinny jeans from H&M for $39.95. Either add a pair of your favorite black sneakers or try these white converse for $55.

Glam Look

If you are going out for the evening with your friends or family, or you just want to dress a little fancier, try out this look by just swapping out a few pieces. I am in love with button ups for the fall time, so check out this one from target for only $22. Next, tuck the shirt into the same high wasted pants or just a basic pair of black skinnies from H&M for $19.95. For a pop of glam, add some nude, pointed-toe heals to the look from DSW for $39.95

Both of these black looks are made up of everyone's essentials. They can be mixed and matched with any other pieces or put them together for a simple but put-together look!

Stay classy my lovelies,

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