Friday, October 31, 2014

Falling Into the Season: DIY Fall Decor

Happy Halloween everyone! Fall is a wonderful excuse to decorate your house/room for the season. I love to add little fall accents to my room to make it feel cozier. I always love to do little DIY things too! They are so much fun and you can personalize them any way you like. If you like to do DIYs too, then here are a few cute ones that are super easy, even for those who aren't super creative!

Leaf Candle Holder

Woods Candle Holder

Sparkly Leaves

This one is super easy! Just apply mod podge to one side of the leaf and sprinkle on glitter. Spray it with hairspray to make it hold and then pike a string through the top. Hang them up anywhere in your house!

Stay safe this Halloween everyone!

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