Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Falling Into the Season: Fall Workout Fashion

Just because it get's a little chilly outside (or maybe a lot chilly), doesn't we just get to slack off on our fitness. "But it's too cold to go running outside," they say. Well, here is a solution to that dilemma. Cute warm fitness clothes! That's right. A wonderful excuse to get new workout clothes! I will take that on. I love buying new workout clothes. I recommend heading to your Marshall's or T.J. Maxx. They have an excellent selection of workout clothes at a great price. Here are a couple essentials to add to your list.

Wind Breaker/Light Jacket

Numero uno is a nice wind breaker jacket. For slightly warmer days this fall, try a wind breaker. It won't make you sweat buckets after two minutes, but it will still keep you a little warm.

Light Jacket

When it starts to get really cold out, you might want to try a slightly heavier jacket. Just don't get something too thick, or you will be sweating buckets just a couple minutes into your run. I always dress light when I go on runs because I know that my workout will warm me up more than I think.  


Next is one of my favorites. Leggings! They are very easy to move in, but they keep you warm. If you don't feel comfortable just wearing leggings, pull on a pair of shorts over top or swap them out for sweatpants. I just like leggings because of the cute patterns they come in.

Ear Warmers

Lastly, add ear warmers to your list. My ears are always so cold during the winter time, and they don't really sweat when you workout, so slip on some ear warmers to keep them toasty and to keep your hair out of your face.

Stay classy,

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