Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Traveling Kit + Makeup Routine

With fall break approaching, for many of us, I thought it was fitting to share with you all my traveling essentials. These span from makeup products to magazines. If you are headed out of town this fall, go through this list and make sure you've got everything you need. Also included is a quick makeup routine that will last you all day but only take a few minutes when you are scrambling to get out to the car.

Let's start with the makeup routine!
1. Begin by applying your favorite moisturizer and a good sunscreen.
2. To make sure your makeup lasts all day, start out with a smoothing primer.
3. When I am on vacation, I don't really like to wear much makeup. Use a lightweight bb cream or just conceal any spots you have.
4. Set your makeup with a mattifying powder next.
5. Since I get pretty pale during the fall and winter, I like to add a little bronzer bellow my cheek bones, up the side of my face, and at the top of the forehead.
6. I keep it super simple with the eyes and just apply a brown liner to the outer water lines of my eyes and coat my lashes with a lengthening mascara.
7. When I have a long day ahead of my, I like to use a nice setting spray, just to make sure everything stays in place throughout the day.

Next, let's get to my essentials!

  • Bag: Find a nice tote that you can put all of your essentials in. Don't go too big or it will seem like you have two suitcases.
  • Sunglasses: Especially if it is a car ride, the sun get's in my eyes way to often, so I like to bring a pair of sunnies in my bag.
  • Snack: Raisnins are my go to because they taste fine even when it get's really hot in the car, but anything you like that won't melt works.
  • Electoronics: Go through all of your devices (cell phone, camera, computer, etc.) and make sure you've got all of your chargers and everything you need. I like to place all of my cords in a separate pouch so they don't get mixed and tangled with everything else.
  • Headphones: I know I would die without these, so make sure to bring them.
  • 1 magazine and 1 book: We all know they we end up just listening to music or sleeping most of the car ride, so I try not to bring too much reading material. When I am awake, it is a nice time to catch up on my reading, so I bring a good book and a recent magazine I can flip through.
  • Beauty Emergency Pouch: This is extremely essential for traveling. I like to bring:
    • Blotting papers: Just if you get shiny
    • Chapstick: Cause my lips get SUPER dry
    • Mints: I'm not a gum chewer, so I like to keep a pack of Tick-Tacks in my bag when I've got stinky breath.
    • Nail Clippers: Hang nails always show up at the worst time
    • Feminine Products: You know you need them.
    • Travel Makeup Remover Wipes: If you are driving through the night, it is just nice to take your makeup off.
  • Sweater: These are essential! Don't forget one!
I hope these tips helped you for the next time you go on a road trip. Just remember to pack light; you don't need to bring your entire bathroom and closet with you.

Stay classy,

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