Friday, October 3, 2014

TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

As the Fall season begins, that means the premieres of many TV shows. If you do not already know, I am in love with crime shows, and they all just started up last week and this week, along with a new show I am in love with. If you are in need of a new show to watch, check the list bellow!


Dancing With the Stars: As you all know, this show is my love! If you are going to watch it, it is a pretty big commitment; the episodes are two hours long, starting at 8:00pm and lasting until 10:00pm on ABC. I think it is worth it, however. Celebrities come on the show to work with professional dancers and choreographers to perform a new dance each week. I find it very entertaining, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves competition shows or dancing!

NCIS Los Angeles: This show has now moved to Mondays at 10:00pm on CBS. It is a part of the NCIS shows, and I find it very entertaining. It is a show about federal agents who investigate navy deaths and national threats. It's very enticing and great for anyone who loves to watch the "underdog" type of shows.


NCIS: The original NCIS shows on Tuesdays at 8:00pm on CBS. This is my favorite NCIS show of the three. It is the same concept as NCIS, but it is set in Washington D.C. and it has my favorite cast. If you love crime shows but with a little dose of comedy, this is the show for you.

NCIS New Orleans: This is the newest installment of the NCIS franchise. Like the other two, the NCIS federal agents investigate navy deaths, but it is set in the city of New Orleans. I find this one to be more different than the other two because of the different lifestyle. Check this one out right after NCIS on CBS.  


Criminal Minds: Criminal Minds is my favorite TV series at the moment. Jennifer Love Hewitt just joined the cast this season. I have become super attached to the show and all of the characters in it. This show focuses on the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI, and I find it very fascinating. There are a lot of creepy cereal killers in this show, but I find it very interesting. Get caught up with the show on Netflix if you think you would like it. It airs at 9:00pm on CBS.

Stalker: This is CBS's newest series, started up just this week. It follows the Los Angeles Police Department, and specifically the Threat Assessment Unit, which investigates stalking incidents. I would say this is the creepiest show of them all, and you might want to watch this with the lights on, but it is very entertaining. Catch this right after Criminal Minds on CBS, at 10:00pm.

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