Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Inspiration: Comfy

As fall and cool weather comes around, all I can think about is being super cozy in a fluffy blanket, sitting next to the first. Now since we can't just hibernated and do that all season, here is some inspiration for days when you want to be cozy and comfy, but still look cute!

Still in love with your summer dresses? Bring them into the fall season by adding an oversized sweater, some cute tights, and a big scarf. For you feet, swap out your sandals for a pair of lace-up boots, with your favorite fuzzy socks tucked into them.
If you are more of an oversized sweater girl, then this is the way to go. Pair your favorite sweater with a chunky scarf and skinny jeans. Add pair of comfy booties and an oversized tote bag to complete the look. And for those bad hair days, a knit had is the way to go.
This look is a little edgier than the other looks, with the biker boots, but it is still very comfortable. Start off by pulling on your favorite button up over a simple t-shirt. Add some black pants and biker boots to the look too. For a pop of color, add a patterned backpack or purse and scarf.
Stay classy my lovelies,
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