Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Falling Into the Season: Caring for Winter Skin

Unfortunately it has reached the time of the year when your skin starts to die. No kidding, my fingers start to peel, dry patches form on my naturally oily skin, and it's just a mess for me. Are any of you like that? Here a few tips that I have accumulated from dealing with my dry skin.

First, make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly. The dry skin needs to be brushed off before you apply any type of moisturizer to your skin. Use the list bellow to help find the best way to exfoliate different parts of your skin.
  • Body: Use a body brush on your entire body before you take a shower. Scrub in circular motions towards your heart. Then use an exfoliating body wash all over your body a couple times a week.
  • Hands: Use a hand or body scrub on your hands and make sure to scrub your knuckles and around your fingers.
  • Face: Use a very light exfoliate on your face a couple times a week.
  • Lips: Take a dry toothbrush, and rub it in circular motions on your lips. 
  • Feet: Use an exfoliating bar or pumic stone once a week on dry heels and feet.

Use your moisturizer right after you take a shower so that your skin will absorb the moisturizer better. Use the list bellow to find a solution to your dry skin.
  • Body: Use a body butter during the winter because it is more hydrating. Apply to your skin right after a shower and make sure to rub it in thoroughly.  
  • Hands: Keep a hand cream with you wherever you go and just apply some whenever you are waiting for something or bored. For extremely dry hands, apply a thick cream and then put cotton gloves on your hand. Leave them in overnight, and then your hands will be super smooth in the morning.
  • Face: Even though I have oily skin, I switch to one for normal skin instead of oily skin because my face can get really dry.
  • Lips: I like to use Vaseline on my lips because it is the most hydrating lip balm I have found. Apply it constantly, and don't be afraid to apply too much.
  • Feet: Use a body butter on your feet as well. You can try the same trick as the hands by putting on cotton socks after you apply the body butter and sleep in them overnight.
Drink More Water
I feel like this is my tip for everything, but water will make your skin so much more moisturized. Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and take a sip of water.

Use a Humidifier
Moisture in the air is actually great for your skin. The heat for heaters can be very drying, so set up a small humidifier in the corner of your room. You will be amazing at my how much it helps your skin.

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