Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holly Days: Bye, Bye Dry Skin

Hello friends! For my final Holly Days post, I decided to focus on one of the worst parts about the winter season: dry skin. Even though I have a generally oily face and soft skin throughout the year, when the winter strikes. BAM! I start to flake. No bueno, if you ask me. I have come up with a couple tips to help you all keep a baby-but-smooth dermis this winter.

Alright my lovelies, lets start with what to do in the shower. Shower time=moisture stripping time for a lot of people. We may not realize it, but the extremely hot water that feels oh-so divine during the winter months can seriously strip your skin of it's moistness (moistness? is that a word?). Because we all know it is impossible to take short showers with such wonderful heat, I recommend using a super moisturizing body wash. I love the Pantene line of moisturizing body washes (*hint, hint, wink, wink*), but just try out a few, and find your favorite. Because you need to slosh off the dead skin cells that have collected on your skin, use a body sponge along with it.

Next, we have the post shower smooth-skin process. Body butter is your friend this winter. What is body butter, you may ask? Why, it is a gift sent from God. Think of it as regular body lotion times 1,000. Body butter is super rich and will leave your skin super soft. It does take a little bit longer to sink into the skin, so I like to apply it at night, but it is fantastic.

For those hands that get so dry when you refuse or forget to bring gloves with you, try hand crème. Find a lotion specifically for hand cream because it is very moisturizing but it will also sink into your skin quickly. Keep one on your vanity or in your bathroom so that you can apply some every time you do your beauty routine.

Face oil is another must-have. "What?!" you say. "Oil...for your face?!" Yes, I will respond. Face oils are amazing. For obvious reasons, it is wonderful for dry skin because it can replenish it, but it is also great for oily skin. Those shiny-girlies produce a lot of oil on their face because the skin is dry and thinks it needs to produce more, but it ends up clogging your pores, and we all know how horrible that is. This oil will replenish the skin wonderful ingredients that will make your skin nice and supple.

That's all I've got for you guys today! Thanks for tuning in to my Holly Days posts, and have a very Merry Christmas! XOXO


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