Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY New Years Resolutions List

As promised, today I have a DIY on how to make your New Years Resolutions list. Everyone needs one place to write them all down officially, and then they can be displayed throughout your home and work as reminders. Feel free to add to your list whenever you want to. The picture above, that's mine. I know it's a little boring, but it's very simple and neat. That's just how I like it. Let's get started on yours!

All you will need is a peace of paper or poster where you plan to write down all of your resolutions and something to write with. Use colors if you would like or feel free to keep it simple. I have decided to write mine down in my notebook because I am always looking through it. Divide each resolution into three different parts: what, why, and how.

What: For this section, write down what your resolution is. Be as detailed as you would like.

Why: I find this part very important. When you look back to your list in the coming months, you might need a refresher on why you made this your resolution. Be brutally honest with this part.

How: This will explain the steps you will take to reach your goal. Think more about this.

Good luck with making your own New Years Resolutions list! Remember to be creative, and continue to look back at it whenever you can.

Stay classy,