Monday, January 5, 2015

Three Steps to Abs: Cardio

I have found three steps that are the way to go for all of you health nuts wanting abs. Like I said in my last post, doing 100 crunches every day will not get you abs. Click here to find out how your diet can help your ab process. Now, step to is cardio. "Cardio?" you ask. "Cardio." I say. Let's find out why.

People who do not have abs technically do have them. They are just buried underneath the fat in your abdomen. Fat is an important aspect of your body (it keeps you warm and cushions your organs and bones), but you can have too much. Doing a cardio workout along with your ab workout will help remove the fat from your abdominal area and allow for your muscles to show through. Bellow are some suggestions for ab workouts if you need some help.

1. Go for a run.
2. Workout on the elliptical.
3. Killer cardio workout. (Click here.)
4. At-home cardio workout. (Click here.)  
5. Advanced treadmill workout. (Click here.)
6. 500 calorie workout. (Click here.)
7. Cardio + Pilates. (Click here.)
8. Four minute cardio routine. (Click here.)
9. Cardio Countdown. (Click here.)
10. 30 day cardio challenge. (Click here.)

Good luck to all on your fitness journey!

Stay classy,