Monday, January 19, 2015

Sigma Brush Haul + Review

That's right. I finally took the plunge and splurged on some Sigma brushes. I have been thinking about purchasing a nice set of makeup brushes before I went to college, and I have decided on the brand Sigma. They are raved about by everyone, and after finally using some....I completely agree! I ordered six brushes from Sigma and they finally came in. After testing them out a little bit, I thought it was an appropriate time haul them and give a little review on each of them.

If you don't know, Sigma is a makeup brush brand (that has also recently started selling makeup) that is loved by many makeup artists and beauty gurus. They sell a bunch of different brushes and kits. I decided to go with their basic line of brushes, and I picked up a few essentials.

Eye Shading E-55

I thought it seemed fit to pick up a basic brush to apply shadow all over the lid and I decided to go with this one. I wasn't really sure which eye shading brush to get (they have several in different sizes and densities), but I'm glad I picked this one. It's a nice soft brush that is the perfect size for applying a base color all over the lid. The brush is dense enough to back the color on but not too dense that it can't blend it out. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone who is looking for a basic lid brush.

Pencil E-30

Next, I decided to go with the pencil brush. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use this brush as a highlight brush or a lower lash line brush, but I find that it works well for both. (I'm considering getting a second one so I can keep the two colors separated). This is a very small and very dense eye shadow brush. It is perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone, but like I said it works great at apply shadow to the lower lash line. This is a definite recommendation.

Blending E-25

This brush is probably my favorite out of the bunch. It is the perfect shape for apply a crease color. You can lie it flat for a more defined crease or you can turn it sideways to blend it out a little bit more. The flat edge also allows you to apply shadow on the lower lash line too. It's a great universal brush for any of your needs. Now I understand why so many people love this brush!

Tapered Blending E-40

I was intending for this brush to be a blending brush for all of my shadows. However, it seems not dense enough for this. Though it is a lovely brush that would work great for applying a neutral shade into the crease, that was not my intent for it. I will continue to use it and see if it grows on me, but it is not a favorites, as of right now.

Small Angled E-65

I have really enjoyed using a black eyes shadow as a liner for my upper lash line, so I thought I might as well pick up a liner brush. I like this brush very much. It is dense enough to use it to apply liner, but it can also work well for the brows or the lower lash line. It is definitely a recommendation from me.

Large Powder F-30

I picked this brush up in the intent of using it as an all over powder brush. However, it is a little smaller than I intended. I like to use large powder brushes and this one is more of a precise powder brush. Though it is a very soft brush and it applies the powder just fine on my face, I prefer to have larger one. I really should have gotten the Large Powder F-20, but I will still use this one and possibly see what else I can use it for.

Overall, every brush feels very nice. The quality is incredible and they are super soft. I hope these mini reviews helped in your makeup brush search! Remember to...

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