Friday, April 17, 2015

Free This Friday: Fun DIYs

For this week's Free This Friday, I have a few fun DIYs. The first DIY is a cool lamp shade that anyone can make with just a push pin and a little patience. Also, learn to make cute little heart shape patches on the elbows on your basic lightweight summer sweaters. If you love colors, try out a cool colored picture project. Spend this day just creating a couple fun DIYs. Spice up a couple of basic things in your room.

DIY City Lights Lampshade


-Blank lampshade
-City skyline silhouette
-Push pin

1. Print out or draw a city skyline on a piece of paper.
2. Place it on the lamp shade and tape down.
3. Use pins to make holes in the lampshade along the lines of the silhouette. (Make wholes bitter for a star shining effect.)
4. Remove the paper when finished and you are done!

DIY Heart Elbow Patches

DIY Melted Crayon Drawing

1. Draw a person doing something you really enjoy. (If you aren't an artist like yourself, print out a stencil)
2. Glue crayons in your favorite colors to the top of the board and use a hair drier to melt the colors down.

Have fun with your DIYs!

Stay classy,

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