Friday, May 8, 2015

Free This Friday: Chapter One

My dears, it is Friday! "Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday..." No one? Okay that's cool. I hate that song too. Alright so for this Friday's "Free This Friday," I am starting something very excited. For all of you nerds, like me, who have ever looked up things about writing on Pinterest, you will find a BUNCH of writing prompts. And they are great writing prompts! I found one, and I have decided to pursue it on my blog. I won't tell you the prompt because that would give it away, but I have decided to write it chapter by chapter. I love writing, and this is just a totally awesome way I can share what goes through my mind to you all. Here is chapter one!

Chapter One
                I franticly looked left and right at the people had their arms stiffly wrapped around mine. They tugged me through hallways, down stairs, and into elevators. I had to jog to keep up with them. I could tell I knew the place but I couldn't quite place it. They had blindfolded me before I got there. The men pushed me into a small room. I eyes dodged left and right through the room. I knew where I was and I knew why I was here. Most importantly, I knew who stood before me. Though we were the same person, I didn't even recognize her.

                Whether I knew I would end up in this position a month earlier, was not really important anymore. I had no clue of this. I knew something was up then. I could just feel that I was being followed and looked closely at. My parents thought I was crazy, but you know what parents don't think their teenage daughter is. It was just a regular day when I first was told of my future. I came home from doing homework at a coffee shop when I saw several pitch black SUVs in my driveway. Um, normal? Yeah, I don't think so.        

                I parked my car next to my mail box, and stepped out. I had watched my crime shows, so I was completely paranoid at this point. There were two options here. Either I would step onto my lawn and 20 SWAT people and federal agents would poor out of the house towards me, pointing every gun they had at me, or I would walk in to find something horrible happened to someone in my family. Something that involved the feds. Gosh, that's even scarier than the first option! "Breath, step, breath, step, breath," I thought to myself as I walked towards my house. I stepped on my lawn. Pause. No SWAT team. Oh no! Option number 2! Breath. Step. Breath. Step. I reached the front door. Big inhale. I turned the knob and stepped in. About 15 faces were staring directly at me when I walked in. Did I have something in my teeth? I licked my teeth. Nothing there. I stared directly at the people in my house with wide eyes, as they stared back. Someone do something, I though. I saw my parents walk in from the kitchen to me. Okay. Parents are safe. That's good. Bruce! Where is my brother? He was right behind them. Wew. Okay. Now what?

                "Hello, Fleur," my parents said to me. I looked around cautiously. "There are a lot of people here," I said. No one laughed. Okay, I guess I'm not as funny as I thought. "Would you please, Miss Fleur," a man said, extending his hand towards the kitchen. I nodded nervously and my parents and brother looked at me encouragingly. I followed them into the kitchen where they had a bunch of papers laid out on the table. I wanted to ask what this was all about, but I was too afraid to.

                I looked to my parents confused. The man started talking first, however. "Miss Fleur, my name is Special Agent Conrad," he said. Oh, FBI or something. Fancy. "Miss Fleur, we need your help," Agent Conrad said. Wow, just like in the movies. Back up. My help? Uh, yeah like I could help them with whatever is going on. Just tell me what the hell is going on.

                The woman standing next to him gestured to the seat and said, "Please sit Miss Fleur." We all took a seat at the kitchen table. Come on, tell me what is going on. "My name is Special Agent Todd and we work with the CIA. Several months ago we had a visitor from a group of people claiming to be from 20 years in the future. They are a group of representatives from the Freedom Fighters Alliance. They have come to the past in search of one person only. Their current ruthless dictator as a young adult. They claim their dictator is killing more people every day, and they think that the only way to stop them is to 'take out' their dictator before she comes into power." A lot of information at once. Time travel? What? A ruthless dictator? Like Hitler? And it's a "her?" I took her chance of catching her breath to ask Agent Todd a question. "And how am I involved in this?" She looked at Agent Conrad and my family for a moment and then looked back at me to respond. "That you."  
Chapter two coming soon!
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