Monday, May 11, 2015

Functional Shopping Outfits

The worst thing in the entire world is when you realize you have warn you skinny jeans to go shopping in and the end is just near. Okay that's a little dramatic. But when you have the hardest to take off clothes on when you go clothes shopping, it is just regret after regret. Fear not! Here are two cute outfits that are easy to take on and off when trying on clothes.

Do you see that? Easy on and off. Let's start with the focal basic: the dress. Dresses make is so much easier when changing. Find one that you can just slip on and off. We all know that zippers and buttons are just a struggle, not matter how cute the dress is. Add a jacket or sweater if it's chilly. And the shoes. Slip on and off sandals or flats are the way to go. Messing with straps, zippers, and ties just make you not want to take them off. Find a comfy pair that you can easily step into and out of.
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This next outfit may take a little longer but there is a purpose for everything. I like to wear a plain white t-shirt so that if I am every trying on a skirt, I can get a better image of how it will look since a plain white t goes with everything. The skirt is just easy to slip on and slip off. Functionality and purpose! Score!
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That's all of my tips!

Stay classy,

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