Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Today, I would like to address something a little different from my usual blog post. My high school career is coming to a closer, and on my last day of English class, my teacher wanted to leave us with something special. She decided to share with us a poem titled The Dash.

This poem had me really thinking about my last four years of high school and, really, my entire life. Have I left an impresson on many of the people I have met I my life? Was it, really, that big of a deal? It had me thinking about a group of students and a teacher who I was saying goodbye to in the next week.

My service class was that very special group of people I was thinking about. Though I am dying to go to college and leave all of the troubles behind, this group of people I will miss dearly. When I think for an instant about the impact of a single person on the world, I question its magnitude. Then I think about this group of people. From the outside, they may seem to be just a group of average students lumped together into a class. On the contrary, it is more than that. This is a group of students who have made me realize the massive impact one person can have on the world. Though small, we have witnessed how our small acts of service we have done can massively impact the receiver's world. I have come to realize that this group of just a few individuals can make a huge different in the world. The song Heroes (We Could Be) really caught my attention when I first heart it. Alesso sings...

Anybody's got the power
They don't see it 'cause they don't understand
Spinning round and round for hours
You and me we got the world in our hands

Everyday people do everyday things
But I can't be one of them
I know you hear me now
We are a different kind
We can do anything

We could be heroes...

Every individual can be a "hero" in someone else's life the little actions of care, and the little steps outside of the social comfort zone can mean the world. Be the leaver of small, but meaningful gifts for the people that you know, and leave the type of legacy that you want people to strive for in years to come. Leave a legacy, and be someone's hero.

Stay classy,

Photo Credit: pinterest.com