Friday, May 22, 2015

Living with Less: Vanity

I know I struggle with hoarding makeup and beauty products. I am a girl, and I watch beauty videos on YouTube, so what do you expect. Because of this I like to go through and sort through my makeup. I really want to narrow my makeup down to just the really good products that I love. This week I decided that I would clean out my vanity and just get rid of all of the beauty and makeup products I don't want/need. I decided to take some pictures so you can see some before, and I'll give you my little tips for cleaning out yours. Spend this weekend looking through your own vanity.

Starting off, this is what the drawer of my vanity looked like before I cleaned it out.

I know it's not awful, but still a bit cluttered. Work in sections when you are cleaning out your vanity. I went through and took everything out of their bins and put all of my unwanted things into a separate pile. I ended up having way more than I thought. Then I went through with some anti-bacterial wipes and whipped everything down so it was fresh and clean before I put everything back in. After I took everything out, I organized it back into the bins and realized I had a lot of extra space. This isn't a bad thing. It just means I have room for expansion. Don't be afraid to have some empty space in your vanity. It can actually be a good thing! I also recommend picking up some draw dividers and containers. They help so much with your organization. Here is what my vanity drawer looked like after I cleaned it out.

Now onto makeup, here is what my makeup collection area looked like before I cleaned it out.

Again, it doesn't look awful but I did have a lot of unnecessary makeup. I went through a similar process of pulling everything out and picking out what I need and didn't I really thought hard about this. Why should you keep products that you don't like? I want to make my makeup collection minimalistic but the best, according to my taste. I really want to start investing in nicer makeup that is not only better but will last longer. Of course, there will always be some drugstore products that I love, but I want to expanding into the high end makeup area. After clearing everything out, I ended up having an entire drawer empty. Again, it's great for expansion, especially since I already have some makeup products in mind that I want to pick up. Here is what it looked like after I was complete.
 This took me only a couple hours, and it felt really great to get rid of so many unnecessary things. Now go through your makeup and beauty products and narrow it down to just your favorites and necessities. I know it's hard, but just think hard about how often you will use each product in the next month to help you decided whether to keep it or not.
Also, take this opportunity to clear everything off of the surface of your vanity. More things on top make it more cluttered, so hide as much as you can away in drawers or bins. Do you want one of those amazing vanities seen on Pinterest? Take the time to de-clutter! If you are in a rush most mornings, keep your essentials in a little tray or box on the counter of your vanity for easy access, like in the picture bellow.

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