Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Get Fit Because of a Book?

I love books. They are great at passing time, and extending your imagination beyond what you thought was capable. A book can help you get fit too! I'm not joking. There are so many books out there that swear to help you "drop the weight" in just a week. I'm not even going to go into how incorrect that sentence is, so we will just keep going. As I was browsing through the library the other day, I found a book by Maria Menounos. It's called  The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness. I was skeptical, but as I briefly flipped through the pages, I came across a photo of her dancing with the one and only Derek Hough on Dancing With the Stars. Right then and there I had to read it, so I snatched it up and took it home with me. It was kind of "read a book by it's cover" impulse, but I'm really glad I picked it up.

This isn't your average fitness book that has a set and stone routine that you need to complete for the rest of your life to be healthy. It is a lifestyle book by Maria. Throughout the book, she sneaks in little parts about her family and her past struggle with weight.

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It's like reading a biography along with some great fitness tips. She is all about lifestyle changes, not just two week changes. This book is so insightful, and I thought I needed to let you all know about it.

Of course, I love it when she talks about her experiences on DWTS, but I love hearing about the rest of her life too. It makes it seem more plausible to follow her healthy lifestyle when you know a little more about her. Not only is it entertaining, but informational also. It's a great read, especially if you want to make some changes to yourself to be a naturally healthier person, not just skinny (not that there is anything wrong with being skinny because I know that I grew up being super skinny naturally).

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Here is a link if you want to purchase her book.

This is one of the best fitness books I've read. I love the mindset that Maria has about fitness, and we all know that working out and eating healthy are 100% mental. Just take a peak, and see what impact it has on your life.

I have fitness posts all week, so come back tomorrow for another one! Check out my post from yesterday by clicking here.

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