Monday, July 20, 2015

Become Addicted to Working Out

It's summer (just a reminder for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past month), and that means running outside without having to wear two pairs of thick socks, several long sleeve shirts, two pairs of thick running tights, a pair of thick gloves, and a silly hat to keep you warm and no need to pray that you don't slip and fall on the ice. Summer always gives me this new found motivation to work out. I just started a new workout routine that I thought I would share with you all. (P.S. Stay tuned for fitness posts ALL WEEK. As Monica Geller would say, "I KNOW!")

I'm not fitness expert, but I have played sports ever since I was little, so I've picked up a few tips for keeping my body in shape. My weekly goal is to work out at least three times a week. When I'm super motivated, I will do more and sometimes I will go on walks with my mom on my days off, but I like to have this limit set for myself. My workout days look a little something like this...

And Streeeeeetch
I was for all four years of high school, and in that time, I became quite flexible. The last thing I want to happen is to loose my flexibility, so I have started to hold my splits for one minute every day, along with doing a few other stretches.

(photo from here)
Six Pack
I have always loved doing ab workouts, so of course I had to fit one into my routine. jThis routine I found is fantastic! My abs are always burning when I finish it.

-30 crunches
-30 cross crunches
-20 leg raises
-20 bicycle crunches
-30 flutter kicks
-20 heel touches
-60 second plank
-20 superman

"Run Forest, Run!"
I've always wanted to be a runner, so I am working on it now. This is my big cardio time during my workout routine, and probably my most dreaded. This past week, I have been setting my running distance for 1.60 mi. It might not seem that far for some of you, but it's a work in progress.

(photo from here) 
If you are curious, during my run, I usually either listen to NPR (Nerd alert! Hear me out, though! It does a great job at distracting me from what I'm actually doing.) or my cardio playlist on Spotify, which is filled with the most up-beat and motivating music I know. (Click here to listen to it.)

Back Yard Hoops
I don't always do this, but sometimes I will coo down from my run by shooting hoops for about 30 minutes at the basketball hoop in my driveway. This is incredibly relaxing, and I'm sneaking in a little arm workout in the process. Just remember that you can get a great workout unique, fun things too.

That's everything! I find that you just need to create your own routine that works towards your own needs. Remember that working out is 100% mental. Once you've leaped over the wall to go for a run, you will see the whole new, awesome world of being addicted to working out. I hope you find some inspiration to go out for a run today!

Stay classy,

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