Friday, December 25, 2015

After One Semester of College

One semester is in the books, fellas! One whole semester living away from home and going to a new school. I felt like I was quickly thrown into a position of adulthood that I was not quite prepared for. To put it into perspective, just six months ago I had to ask to use the bathroom so... It's a lot of fun though. I thought I would give you a list of the things I've learned in the past six months of college. Keep in mind, I go to a small liberal arts college, so my experience may be different than yours. Here we go...

1. You will miss your parents...a lot. Even though you thought it wouldn't be that bad, the home sickness is so real for the first month.
2. You will get over the home sickness. I promise.
3. College books are expensive. Enough said.
4. Your professors are geniuses, and it's awesome.
5. You own a lot of sh*t. Transporting everything I owned from my house to my dorm made me realize how much I own.
6. Everyone drinks. Even though it's illegal for most people. People are just stupid. Don't drink.
7. Making friends is hard. I haven't had to make friends since kindergarten, so this was a whole new experience for me.
8. You will really like learning now that you're taking classes you love.
9. You will always have homework. Even when you're done with homework, you will still have more homework.
10. You finally realize how expensive necessities like deodorant and laundry detergent are.
11. Having a gym just a five minute walk from your dorm is the greatest thing in the world.
12. Going to the gym is the greatest way to de-stress.
13. You will have the hardest time transitioning from your sleeping schedule over breaks to regular school sleeping schedules.
14. Never take a class that starts before 9am.
15. It's not the end of the world if you sleep through a class. Just try not to do it.
16. Take time for breakfast every morning, even if it means you have to wake up ten minutes earlier. It's worth it.
17. Treat yourself on Mondays to praise yourself for making it through the hardest day of the week.
18. Do laundry on Saturdays because no one else does it then.
19. Don't wear sweatpants more than once a week to class.
20. Eating healthy is hard, but possible if you make an effort.
21. Get to know your floor mates. They might just be the greatest people you ever meet.
22. Listen to music in between classes.
23. You might enjoy a subject you hated in high school.
24. You will not die during finals week.
25. Keep healthy snacks in your room.
26. Take a little time for yourself once a week to watch Netflix. You will just need it.
27. Get involved. It has been my advice since freshman year of high school, and I completely stand by it.
28. Visit home as often as you can.
29. You will motivate yourself by continuing to remind yourself that you are paying for school, not your parents.
30. Wake up early, and get things done.
31. Take advantage of your planner
32. You don't have time to paint your nails anymore.
33. Cover your wall with pictures and posters of things you love.
34. Do homework at the library or Starbucks, not your room. You're room should be considered your sanctuary where you can relax.
35. Never ever ever do an all-nighter. There is no such thing as a successful all-nighter.
36. Your college friends are great, but your high school best friends are the ones who stuck with you through your ugly faze...true mvps.
37. Make the most of every moment.

Stay classy,

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