Friday, January 15, 2016

Twenty Fifteen: My Year in Review

For me, the year 2015 was a year of big changes in my life. I left the comfortable environment of my high school and for the first time I was living away from home. Never have I had such a drastic change in my life. There were challenges (as there always are), but I wouldn't take back anything. I learned so much in this past year, and I was really forced to grow up. With everything that has happened to me this past year, I wanted to share my experiences with the world, and have something to look back on.

Here is my year in review.

The beginning of the year continued like the end of the last. I spent my days at school really having fun with my classmates and teachers I had come to know so well in the past few years. We were at that age where my friends and I would walk around the school and just chat with our favorite teachers when we felt the need. There was no fear as the principle walked past. We greeted each other as good friends. My friends and I all knew where we were going to college, and I had already started purchasing things for my dorm room. As the school year winded down, teachers gave us their last laments, hoping we had learned at least something from them, and I began to think about all of the other people in my class I would probably never see again and the teachers I would never have again. Even the teachers I didn't like held a special place in my heart because of what I had learned from them.

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Graduation crept up on us all, and before I knew it, I was walking across the stage in my four inch heels that everyone said not to wear in fear of falling. However, I receiving my diploma from my principle with ease and finally moving the tassel on my graduation cap to the other side.

I walked out of my high school gym for the last time with all of my peers. There was a brief moment when we had all shuffled out into the parking lot and were waiting for our families to come it. There was fear, excitement, and sadness on everyone's faces. That evening, I gave the final goodbyes to my teachers and school friends and of course, took tons of pictures.

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The summer flew by. I hardly even remember what I did. Before I knew it my twin brother who I had been to school with since we were little toddlers had left for school and my parents and I were packing up the SUV full of my things, about to head to my new school. I arrived at my new home along with hundreds of other nervous, fresh faced freshman. I walked up the dreaded three flights of stairs for the first time to my room and met my roommate. After a day of orientation with my parents, I gave them my final hugs and watched as they turned their backs and headed home. There were no tears shed. They were ready, and I was ready.

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My first semester was so different than anything I had every experiences. I got off to a slow start meeting friends, but I always had my roommate by my side who was just as nervous as I was. I felt as though I was thrown into this world of adult responsibilities that I wasn't quite ready for. Homesickness hit me around the second week, and I have to be honest. It was hard. I got a surprise call from my mom that weekend, and just hearing her voice made a world of a difference. Fast forward several months. I have made friends, joined the cheer team, and really come to feel comfortable. I could really see myself living there for the next three and a half years.

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My year concluded back at my parents house. Winter break was very much needed, but I'm itching to go back to school. No matter how unprepared I am to face my responsibilities again, it's my home too. I've got one more month to enjoy my leisure before back to the books. One semester down and seven to go. I'm excited and nervous to see what 2016 holds for me.

This is my 2015 year in review.


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