Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter on Campus Lookbook Inspiration

We are beginning to enter into the dreaded snowy-winter months (because unfortunately, winter didn't feel like giving us snow on Christmas). Whether you're walking between classes or heading into town, it's really hard not to just throw a gigantic coat over leggings and a sweatshirt three sizes too big. Cold weather doesn't mean you have to throw fashion out the window. Here are several looks that are not only super cute, but incredibly warm.

First Look

(Photo from here) 
This first look really stands out in the pool of dark clothing during the winter months. To whoever told you that you can't wear white in the winter, forget it. This is a nice, bright look that will make you blend into the ever falling snow (it also just lightens my mood to wear lighter colors for a chance). To achieve this look, pair some white jeans with a white or cream sweater. Then throw on a light grey, pink, or tan coat instead of the usual black or dark grey. Next, just add on your favorite winter accessories, like bennies, gloves, and scarfs. I love this super chic and different look for the winter time.

Second Look

(Photo from here) 
This next look emphasizes large blanket scarfs. These keep you incredibly warm in the winter and are definitely an essential for me. They also make a look so much more put together (like, BAM I have on accessories so I look put together but a really just threw on a giant scarf because I was cold). For this look, pair your favorite skinny jeans with a fun colored sweater on top. Layer a vest over top for added warmth, and then top it off with a giant scarf. Pull on some fuzzy socks and boots to keep your feet nice and warm, and then your look is complete.

Third Look

(Photo from here) 
If you need a look that's a bit more professional looking (like for an interview or presentation-I like to dress up more for presentations, even if they are just in front of the class), this one is for you. Pair some nice, black pants with some knee high or over the knee boots. For the top, layer a nice, neutral sweater over a button up, and make the collar peak out the top. Then just throw an oversized blazer over the top. This look is perfect if you want to take layers off because you don't have to worry about looking unprofessional without one of the pieces.

Fourth Look

(Photo from here) 
This last look is for those lazy days or when you are in a real hurry. You have your beloved leggings on, but you still look like you tried on your outfit. Start out with a nice pair of fleece leggings to keep your legs warm. (I sometimes find that normal leggings are just not warm enough.) Then throw on a comfy, oversized sweater that covers your butt (let's still be classy here, okay?) and a thick cardigan for more warmth. I love to wear my rain boots during the winter because they keep my feet dry in the snow, so slip on some boot socks and your rain boots. Top the look off with a hat to hide that hair you haven't washed in a few days because let's be real...who's got time for that?

Stay warm and cute this winter!


Cover photo from here.