Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lovely Things

I haven't sat down and just talked about the things I love in quite some time now. I am so grateful for summer to be in full swing now. Being back home and having all of this extra time on my hands, I've been able focus on this things I really love. I thought I would talk about a few items that have become staples in my life and activities I've gotten back into.

Fashion: Blue Maxi Dress from Marshall's 

First I want to talk about this lovely maxi dress I purchased this month. I consider last summer a big year for rompers and play suits for me. I collected several that I wore nearly every day last summer, and now I have moved on from play suits to dresses for this summer. I just love how flow, girly, and more sophisticated they are. I've never been one for maxi dresses because I would get so hot and sweaty under the long skirt, but I couldn't pass this one up at Marshall's. It was only $20 and it was in one of my favorite colors! I especially love the cream/white lace on the sides that add a slimming affect. When I tried this on in the store, I was wearing a statement necklace that had creams and corals in it (colors I usually wouldn't pare with blue), and I actually really liked how it went with the dress. Nearly every time I've warn it, I threw on this statement necklace as well. You never know when you will discover new ways of styling things unless you try it out!

Beauty: Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny 

I've been really loving this light blue color on my nails recently. The contrast of a cool tone with my summer tan is the perfect combination. In general, I have just really been loving pastel blues and pinks this summer, and this has definitely been my go to color this season.

Labor Activity: Running 

I took quite a long break from running because of finals at the end of the semester, but I have gotten back into it, and I couldn't be happier. I ran a 5K Color Run with my best friend already and just been running for fun most days of the week.

I try to go at least 3.25 miles, but I really want to get back to the 5 miles I was running at school before I stopped. By no means has it been an easy process convincing myself to go for a run every day, but it is well worth it when I do. I have found that listening to NPR or any other podcasts is the perfect amount of distraction I need in the summer heat. I have also come to realize that running in the rain is so much fun and incredibly distracting from the fact that I might be dying as I reach mile two or something.

Leisure Activity: Reading and Writing

Again, with a lot more time on my hands, I have had to opportunity to do a lot more reading and writing. I am well in to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at this point, and I have a massive list of books I want to get read before heading back to school in the fall. It has definitely been nice to just sit outside with a good book and read for hours with no responsibilities hanging over my head.

Writing has also occupied my time quite a bit. It's a hobby I have little time to do for fun at school, so I have taken this opportunity of time to get back into it. Whether it's looking over an old story I have written or coming up with a new one, it's a great escape into my own imagination.

Music: Hamilton 

I would like to personally thank the Tony Awards for introducing me to Hamilton. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Hamilton is a fantastic Broadway play revolving around the life of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton. It's pretty much the only music I have been blasting in my car ever since they performed on the Tony's. There is nothing more accomplishing that learning the entire rap to one of the songs.

That's all I have for today! I am hoping to get more into my blog this summer, so stay tuned for some new posts coming up real soon.

Molly Steckler