Friday, July 29, 2016

July 2016 Music Loves

I am constantly listening to music these days. It's the only thing that gets me through my runs, and it is always lovely to have in the background while I am cleaning and such. Since it is the end of the month (though I am not ready to admit that August is starting), I have decided to look back at some of my favorite songs I have been listening to all month long. I love hearing new songs and adding to my playlists, so I hope you find some new tracks to add to yours.

I feel like I always have to write a disclaimer before I share my list of songs because I listen to a very strange mix of music, and I am very use to people not knowing any of the artists or songs I know. So that you are in the loop, I typically listen to 70s and 80s classic rock and alternative rock. There will be a few other things here and there but that's my favorite. This month I added musicals to my list because I finally got onto the Hamilton band wagon, and once you're on that band wagon, you will never get off.

Hamilton is pretty much all I have listened to this month, but there are a few others I have found and loved. I'll try to not put too much Hamilton in my list, but no guarantees (as I listen to Hamilton while typing this.) Hopefully you can appreciate the goodness that is Hamilton after listening to my playlist, though.

Your Love by The Outfield
The Stroke by Billy Squier (Why have I never heard this song before? It is the most epic song in the world and the best song to blast in the car.)
Atlas: Touch by Sleeping at Last (My favorite alternative rock band. Pretty much anything they make, I will love.)
The Sound of Silence by Disturbed (Never heard a cover of this song quite so amazing.)
Make You Feel My Love by Adele (Throwing it back to the OG Adele)
Unsteady by X Ambassadors
Alexander Hamilton by The Cast of Hamilton (I finally know every word to this fantastic, four minute song.)
History Has Its Eyes On You by The Cast of Hamilton
Yorktown by The Cast of Hamilton
One Last Time by Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda
Satisfied by The Cast of Hamilton
Dear Theodosia by Lesli Odom Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda
Guns and Ships by The Cast of Hamilton (Of course I know the entire rap.)
The Schuyler Sisters by The Cast of Hamilton (This song was forever changed for me after I watched this
It's Quiet Uptown by The Cast of Hamilton

Molly Steckler

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