Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Master the Polished City-Girl Look

The polished, city-girl look is one of my new favorite styles. I have always dreamed of living in the city, and I love the style that people in the city wear. It's always super chic but not too put together. From blazers to pointed toe shoes, city girls know how to dress. Today will be a lesson on the city style. I will talking about my favorite essentials and how to dress them.

Blazers are an absolute staple for city girls. They can make any outfit look like you tried so much harder than you actually did. Whether you pair it with a t-shirt and shorts or a pair of pleated pants and a button up, they add a bit of class to any outfit. I recommend purchasing a couple cheeper ones and a few nicer quality ones. Check out H&M or Forever 21 for some cheaper blazers for the summer in some super fun colors. Then invest in a few neutral colored ones from places like J. Crew.

The next essential is a super big bag. As a city girl, your bag often doubles as your work bag. Make sure to get a nice big bag that you can fit everything in. A tote bag will be best so that you can fit a couple note pads, folders, and a skinny laptop into it. I recommend purchasing several cute pouches to keep your bag to keep organized. Invest in a nice bag so that it won't tear from the weight. Just remember to keep your bag weight manageable. Remember you will be walking around everywhere with it so don't stuff it too much.

Pointed-toe shoes are super cute and essential for a city girl. They can look great with boyfriend jeans, a skirt, or even flowey shorts. They can make a look so much more put together and a little fancier. You can also pull off shorter heals that a pointed unlike a lot of round or peep toe heals. These are just a staple for a city girl.

My last essential is a sold bright colored romper or dress. Solid colors are super easy to pair with blazers and heals. They can be combined with anything and are definitely a staple. Find a subtle blue, red, pink, or orange dress with spaghetti straps. Find a silky material that is super lightweight and can be warn night or day.


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