Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Lace Jean Shorts

Hello my pretties. Today I coming to you with a DIY! I love making my own clothes out of old ones because they become more special to me and no one has any like them. Today I am going to show you how to make DIY jean shorts from a pair of old pants.

1. Step one is to find a pair of jeans you don't want anymore. Sometimes I will go to a thrift store and get a couple pairs of old jeans. They are all super cheep, and there are so many. If you are looking to make high wasted shorts, thrift stores have a lot of them.

2. Next lay out your jeans on a flat surface. Place a pair of shorts on top of them for a reference. Use a white colored pencil to draw a line at where you want to cut them. If you are just doing it free hand, go longer than you thing so you don't make them too short. You can always cut them more and make them shorter if you wish.

3. Now cut along the line you have created with a sharp pair of scissors. Lay the extra fabric off to the side. Now try the shorts on to make sure they are the desired length.

4. From here there are several ways you can add lace to your shorts.
  • Lace Trim: Turn the shorts inside out and lay a lace trim around the edge of the shorts, allowing a little bit to peek out. (I find that 1/4 to 1/2 an inch looks best.) Use fabric blue to glue the lace to the shorts. Then flip the shorts back to normal and you're done!
  • Lace Bows: Take a lace fabric, and fold it into two bows. Place the bows on the back pockets of the shorts, and use fabric glue to glue them down.
  • Lace Overlaying: Take a lace fabric and lay it over the top of the shorts. Use tape to keep it down and cute around the front pocket on one side and the zipper. Then remove the tape and use fabric glue to glue the lace onto one side of the shorts. Make sure to put glue on all of the edges so it doesn't pop up while in the wash.  
You can also just keep them the way they are. Either way, you have created a new pair of shorts for little to nothing for the summer time! (Tip: To keep the bottom of the shorts from fraying too much, apply clear nail polish to the ends of them to seal them.)


Picture from here.