Thursday, June 12, 2014

Smooth Crazy Curls

Morning, loves. I am one of those unfortunate folks who is "blessed" with real curly hair. When I say real, I mean it curls from roots to tips, and it takes me an hour to straighten it. My hair is also super frizzy and thick. With all of these "blessings" I wake up every morning with a mess. However, I have come up with a routine to keep my hair smooth. The curls aren't as puffy and they are looser this way. It is much easier to deal with than usual and perfect for the summer because there is no heat.

You first want to start the night before. Wash your hair with a straightening shampoo and conditioner. I like the Herbal Essence straightening shampoo and conditioner. It's only a few bucks and it smells really good. It is also one of the only shampoo and conditioner sets that doesn't make my hair feel super dry and gross. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, take a wide tooth comb and comb out your hair. I found that combing my hair right after I wash it helps to make my curls looser and not as tight. After combing my hair, I apply Organix Moroccan Penetrating Oil for extra dry hair. I apply this from about pony tail length to the tips. Next I like to apply some sort of smoothing cream. The Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Smoothing balm works great. Just pick a super light weight cream to keep frizz away. Then I comb it through one more time. Sometimes I will put my hair into a braid after it has dried before I go to bed but often not.

In the morning I take the braid out if I have put may hair in one and apply some more smoothing balm. The results aren't always perfect, but it definitely helps to make my hair not look like a mess.

I hope this helped all of you curly girls who struggle with your curls like me. Stay sassy everyone!


Picture from here.