Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Faves Friday: TV Show Characters, Nail Polish, and More

Welcome back Friday! It's time for my five faves Friday. So let's jump right in!

1.Emily Prentiss/Paget Brewster. I've bean watching all of the seasons of my new favorite show, Criminal Minds, this week. I have made it all the way to the beginning of season eight and I love it! The writers for the show are absolutely phenomenal! Unfortunately, Emily Prentiss (one of the agents and my favorite character) left the show at the end of season seven. It made me so upset. There is just something about the bad-ass female characters always leaving shows after going through so much. Emily (played by Paget Brewster)faked her own death to protect her team. She finally came back, but as soon as everyone got settled, she made the decision to leave. Even though she has left, she will always be my favorite character. It is a great show, and I highly recommend you put it on your summer watch list. Bellow is a collage of my favorite quotes from her throughout the seasons.

2. Flowey Shorts. During the summer, it gets HOT where I live. It get's so unbearable that you just want to wear your bikini everywhere. However, that is not socially acceptable, so I have had to improvise. I have found that buying loose, flowey shorts are the way to go. They allow air to flow through you but you can like a skirt but you can still sit like a boy and not worry about flashing anyone. They are the way to go for super hot summers.

3. L'Oreal Nail Polish in Jet Set to Paris. Not only is the name cute, but this nail polish is perfect for the summer. It is a pretty cobalt blue that I am constantly reapplying. I prefer to wear more cool tones during the summer time because it is a nice contrast with all the bright colors, and it looks great with a tan.

4. Sheer Button-Ups. Button ups might just be an obsession of mine. They look super classy and go with everything. I have bean buying tons of sheer button ups to wear during the summer. They are super loose so air can flow easily and super comfortable.

5. Rimmel London BB Cream Matte in Light. Like most people, I prefer not to wear a lot of makeup during the summer. I am always running around, getting sweaty, or in the pool, so the makeup would just come right off. When I do wear makeup, I have bean loving this BB cream. Not many BB creams are matte, which is why I love this one so much. It is super light-weight, and your face doesn't feel greasy at all. It has bean my go to makeup this week. Also, it's from the drug store so it's super cheep.



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