Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Day Back: Backpack Beauty Kit

My backpack is my home away from home while I am at school. It holds all of my essentials to survive during the day. This includes any beauty products that I may need during today. Bellow is what I keep in my personal beauty pack for school. It is everything you need without bringing your whole beauty collection to school.

1. Blotting Papers: If you're an oily face like me, blotting papers are essential.
2. Chapstick: To keep your lips soft all day, chapstick is a must.
3. Roller Ball Perfume: I am always in a hurry before school, and I forget to put on perfume before I leave, and it's always helpful to have some with me.
4. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties: I cannot leave my house without a hair tie and a bobby pin. Throughout the day, it's nice to be able to throw your hair up whenever you need it.
5. Tinted Lip Balm: For a pick-me-up, when I didn't have time to put an a lot of makeup in the morning, I like to use a little bit of tinted lip balm to make myself look more presentable.

Remember you don't have to bring a lot to school. All you need to is to look presentable, not like you're going out at night. Just bring a few things to help you survive a few hours. I like to keep my stuff in a little beauty bag to stay organized (check out Forever 21 for cheep, cute ones).

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