Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Day Back: Stay Organized with Sticky Notes

Organization is absolutely essential during the school year. If you have no organization and structure, grades will drop and it is so much more difficult to get things done. I have found that sticky notes are essential in keeping me organized. Today I am sharing with you all a few tips on how to keep organized in school, using sticky notes.

1. School Books

One way to use post-it notes to stay organized is to write down notes in school books when necessary. When I take notes during class or at home, I like to have my book open. Teachers will often reference the book during notes, so I like to take quick notes on post-it notes and stick them inside my book. Also, when I am reading a novel for a class, I like to mark pages with sticky notes and write down important information for each chapter.

2. DIY Calendar

Sticky notes are a great way to make an easy calendar for your wall at home. Use the sticky notes for each day of the week, and they can easily be removed. I liked to write down important events and projects. I also like to make a weekly calendar for my locker.

3. Notebooks

I like to use sticky notes in my notebooks for important information. Keep the right side of the pages in your notebook empty, to put important information on sticky notes. You can also use them as tabs, to organize your notebook into sections.

4. Planner/Calendar

Sticky notes are a great way to organize a to do list in your personal planner. I like to create one for each day or week. The feeling of checking off homework I have completed is a very good feel, so I create to do lists on sticky notes in my planner all of the time.

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