Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Faves Friday: People, Perfume, etc.

With another week under our belts, here are my favorites this week. I have a few people favorites this week, along with some beauty favorites too. I feel very fortunate to not start school for another week, but I can't believe it is starting so soon! Wish me luck this next week! Now let's get onto my favorites.

Derek Hough

As you all know, I am a Dancing with the Stars addict. Derek Hough is one of the professional dancers on the show and he is amazing! I have always loved his choreography. He is probably the best choreographer I have ever seen. No matter his partner each season, I am always rooting for him. Bellow is one of his dances on Dancing with the Stars with Amber Riley, and it is one of my favorite dances he ever choreographed.  


I have rediscovered one of my old favorites this week. It is the Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation. This foundation is super natural look but gives great coverage. Using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I only apply the foundation to problem areas (like my chin and forehead) for more of a fresh faced look. I used this foundation a few months back, and I pulled it out of my makeup drawer a few days ago. I am in love with it, and I highly recommended it.

Stacy London

Did any of you ever watch What Not to Wear? I use to watch it with my mom every Friday. I would say, it was one of the reasons I became so addicted to fashion. I saw a picture of Stacy London, one of the stars of the show, on Pinterest and it brought back good memories. I spent a good hour looking up pictures of her and fashion tips. She knows what she's talking about too! She also has a book that I really want to check out.

Nail Polish

I have found a new go to nail color! It's the L'Oreal Nail Color in After Hours. This is a very navy blue, almost black color. Like I have said before, I love wear cool toned nail polishes during the summer because of its contrast to the warm skin color you get in the summer. I'm really excited to wear this one during the fall.


I have never bean much of a perfume person, but I have recently liked a perfume I got for Christmas last year. The Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume is my new love. I always forget to put perfume on in the morning, but I adamantly have tried to every day this week. Perfume makes me happy. It's a nice little perk up in the morning. Plus, the bottle is too cute!

Have a lovely day,

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