Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Falling Into the Season: Layering

I am starting a new series for this fall season called Falling Into the Season. This series will include all different types of blog posts relating to fall, including fashion, fitness, and many other things. Today, we are going to be talking about layer, which is one of my most favorite trend for the fall season. Bellow are a few different ways you can use layering to stay warm and look cute!

This first technique is layering tops, sweaters and jackets. Start out with your favorite button up shirt; it can be plaid, stripped, solid, or any pattern you like. Next, add a thick sweater over the top, allowing the collar and cuffs of the sleeves peak out. Finally, add a blazer or jacket to the mix. This look will keep you super warm, and it's easy to take off layers if you get hot. 

  Don't be afraid to layer your socks and tights! I know my feet get pretty cold during the fall time, so I like to either pair a bright pair of tights with scrunched up socks or patterned, fuzzy socks with black tights. It's a nice contrast of texture.

This last technique is layering sweaters over dresses. Bring your favorite summer into the fall by layering a warm sweater over the top and pairing it with a warm pair of leggings. I do this all of the time, especially when I just want to switch up the look of a dress I have warn a thousand times.

I hope these layering ideas help you keep warm this fall!

Stay classy my lovelies,

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