Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holly Days: Fancy Christmas Outfit Idea

Christmas means parties, and do you know what that means? Yes, food and Christmas cookies also means Christmas dresses! Today I have a unique party outfit for any Christmas parties you go to that are a little bit fancier. Pick something a little different than your basic red dress and try a deep colored dress. Now that I have already revealed too much, let's get to the look.


Let's start with the focal point of the outfit: the dress. Like I said, we are trying to stray away from your basic red dress for Christmas. I found this very unique floral dress at Forever 21 for $29.90, and I think it would be the perfect party dress. The deep color and unique pattern makes it more winter appropriate but the cut-outs in the back add a fun touch.

Next, you will need a pair of tights to keep your legs from freezing. I would recommend some sheer black tights so the look doesn't look too heavy with the dress and boots. Everyone probably already has some, but if you are on the hunt for some, check these ones out at Target for $10.

Last but not least are the boots. I am obsessed with these booties! I am a sucker for lace boots. These are perfect because the heal isn't too high but they are still extremely cute and feminine. The chunky heal makes them super easy to walk in but will still give you a little bit of height. Head to H&M to find these booties for $34.95.

Stay classy,