Friday, January 9, 2015

Night Stand Beauty Essentials

Right before, is a wonderful time to pamper yourself a little bit. Your freshly washed and cozy, and if you keep your essentials in a little tin next to your bed, they are easily accessible. I like to keep a couple essentials that I can use every night right before I sleep. The little tin that sits there reminds me to do it. I recommend to anyone that they should keep a container of some last minute beauty essentials. If you need some ideas, let's take a peak into mine.

The first and probably the most important think I keep in my beauty cup isa small container of Vaseline. I have extremely dry lips year around, so I make sure to keep this with me at all times. Having one sitting next to my bed always reminds me to apply a little bit to my lips. I will sometimes use it as a cuticle cream (Vaseline is a great multitasking moisturizer.). This is one of my favorite lip moisturizers because it keeps my lips amazingly soft, it's cheep, and it lasts for a very long time.  

Also, for my hands, I keep a small hand cream. Right now I just have a fruity travel sized body lotion, but really anything will work. Your hands are one of the first parts of your body to show ageing and start wrinkling because they are often quite dry and are exposed to a lot of sun. Keeping a hand crème helps me remember do apply some to my hands.

A nail file is another think I like to keep in my tin. I tend to have very short nails, but keeping a little nail file there is great for keeping my edges smooth. If I'm every just watching something on my computer or not using my hands in an way, I will reach over and file my nails a little bit. 

The last item I keep is a nail polish top coat. Nail polish just doesn't last very long on my nails. If I regularly apply a clear top coat to my nails, it helps tremendously in is wear length. This is just a quick dry top coat that I have been using for years, but any top coat will work well.

That's all I keep in my night stand beauty kit. Do you feel inspired to create one now? It's just a last minute place to keep your beauty in tip top shape.

Stay classy,