Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Steps to Abs: Tone

Today I include my three post series on how to get abs. If you would like to check out my previous post about diet then click here, and if you would like to check out my previous post about cardio then click here. Today we are going to be talking all about the tone portion of abs.

This is probably one of the most obvious parts of getting toned muscles. Now that the fat has been greatly removed from this area because of healthy eating and doing cardio, it's time to make those abs really pop. Essentially, doing any ab exercise that you can feel working your abs, will work. I have some examples if you would like to check out some good ones, but just come up with your favorite routine. You want to make sure you work all of the parts of your abs, not just to top (where it is usually easiest). As you do each move, check to see what section of your abs you are working, and make sure you work each section equally.  

1. 30 Day Challenge (click here)
2. Intense Workout (click here)
3. Evening Routine (click here)
4. 5 Minute Core Challenge (click here)  
5. Jump Rope with Abs (click here)
6. Yoga Abs Routine (click here)
7. 10 Minute Abs Workout (click here)
8. Standing Ab Routine (click here)
9. Lower Abs Workout (click here)
10. Workout Ball Routine (click here)    

Stay classy,