Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New York Fashion Week 2015 Trends Recap

Hello my furry friends! Now that New York Fashion week has come and gone, I thought I would do a little recap of trends seen on the runway. This is my favorite time to see all of the spring trends. Also, right after this, I see all of the trends start to pop up at my favorite stores. Even though it might still be snowing in a lot of places around the country, spring will be here before you know it, and you can start to incorporate these trends into your stile right now! Here are a few popular trends from the runway this year.

Chic Gingham

Trend numero uno is the gingham pattern trend. From skirts to dresses, the pattern has come back. Think picnic tablecloth for this trend. Whether they are small or big checks, this is a super fun pattern to mix with your everyday neutrals. I am personally a big fan of this pattern, especially the larger prints.

Busy Floral

This is probably a trend you all of already seen pop up in local clothing stores. Floral is huge this spring! (More than usual!) Entire outfits were seen on the runway, covered in floral. This is a great way to stand out with all of your solid clothed friends, and what screams spring more than floral?! (That's right...nothing.)

Subtle '70s

The '60s trends of last season have slowly faded away, leaving room for the new century of clothing. '70s fashion is not majorly huge, but it is present. There are may subtle ways that designers have incorporated the '70s trend into their outfits, and it isn't overly obvious. Play around this with trend a little more this spring, but there is no need to go completely overboard; just one or two pieces of your outfit can have a little bit of a '70s vibe. The flowey pants and shirts are a great way to break into the spring weather.

Minimal Sporty

Alexander Wang has always been big for her sports wear tines, but this year, it looks like they have rubbed off. There has been a combination of the minimalistic and sporty trend all over the runways during New York Fashion week. Think lace-up styles, stripes, wrist bands, mesh, and zipper pulls for this trend. This is just a unique way for those sporty girls to show their love for sports in a chic, new way. I am really in love with this trend because it has a very unique looks, so have fun with it!

These are a couple of the big trends from New York Fashion Week. Look forward to start seeing these in common stores like H&M and Forever 21.

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