Monday, March 30, 2015

The Interval Training or HIIT Hype

Interval training seems to be the new big thing, right? Just search in on Pinterest and the millions of different posts you will find will help any type of workout junkie or newbie. I was quite skeptical about this type of workout, but after a little bit of research, I am intrigued. Interval training works your body out so much better than your basic type of training. Keep reading to find out why and for some workout ideas.

With winter coming to a close and the weather finally bearable to run in, I realized how out of shape I really am. I can't just go out and run three miles whenever I feel like it. I can hardly get through one! Since my sports season is over, I am not as toned as I was. I wanted to find a workout routine that isn't extremely difficult and that will help me loose a little bit of the excess fat that I have gained from my lack of exercise. Interval training is the way to go!

Benefits of Interval Training

1. It strengthens your major muscles. This would be your heart. More intense workouts make your heart work harder. It also effectively boosts cardiovascular strength.

2. It is more than a cardio workout. With this type of workout, you're pushing yourself as hard as you can. That earns you cardiovascular benefits, and by incorporating strength-training exercises into your intervals (as well as cardio moves), you get a lot of reap muscle-strengthening benefits.

3. You can tailor it to your level of fitness. Though you should push yourself to your limits, keep your limits in mind. As you being strong and fitter, you can easily intensify your workout by adding more reps or by going for just 30 seconds more.

4. You don't need a gym. Many interval workouts do not include any gym equipment. Many are just bodyweight exercises that will bust your butt. P.S. If you love your gym and you still want to do it, interval running is great to do on treadmills.

5. It boosts your metabolism. When you do a "sustainable exercise, like a long run, your body uses less oxygen than when you push yourself to your limit during interval or HITT workouts. When you work your body out to the point where it's difficult to breath, since your body is using more oxygen, your metabolism works at a higher level. This helps your burn more calories during your workout and after your exercise. Your 20-minute interval workout will last you longer than just 20 minutes! This is known as the "afterburn."

6. It burns more fat in less time. Now that is something everyone wants to hear. When you go back and forth between high-intensity and low-intensity activities, it will improve your anaerobic and aerobic fitness. This helps your burn more fat in less time!

The Perfect Interval Workout 

First off, INTENSITY is key! Give 110% for the quick workout and you can't imagine how much you sweat at the end. Just make sure you are doing everything in correct form, even if you are doing it quickly.

HIIT/Interval Workouts:

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