Friday, March 27, 2015

The Basics: Outerwear

New series alert! This is going to be all about what I think every girl should have in there closet. We will be sorting through jackets, dresses, pants, and everything in between. Since I will be heading off to college soon, I discovered how important basics will really be. (After twelve years of Catholic school uniforms, I have to focus on real clothes now!) I am trying to shrink my closet to only the things I really need, so I thought I would bring you along with my journey. Let's start with outerwear basics.


Weather you consider this outerwear is not the point, but I think sweaters and cardigans are essential! I honestly have so many of them. It is often difficult to know if you should be high end ones or cheaper ones from Target, and it really just depends on your budget. I have a sweater from Target that I have had for two years. It is a staple for my closet and it was only twenty dollars. If you prefer the warmth and quality of a nicer sweater, then go ahead and purchase one. I recommend spending just a tad more on the basic colors (like cream, black, and grey) and then a little less on the fun colored ones.


I don't really wear sweatshirts that often, but I think it is nice to have one or two in your closet for when you have to run out and grab something from the grocery store or for bonfires. I think that having one hooded sweatshirt and one crew-neck sweatshirt is all a girl really needs.


I am a jacket lover, and I really need to stock up on these. No matter the weather, these are perfect for medium temp days or for layering when it is really cold. Don't go overboard with them thought. Focus on what you really thing you will need. I recommend keeping a light parka that goes with everything, a leather jacket (if it's your style) to add a bit of put together-ness to any outfit, and a rain jacket if it rains or snows where you live. I tend to not spend a whole lot on jackets. If you want to have at least one nice jacket, I would recommend spending most on your light parka. Remember that jackets are essential for the in between seasons when it's not quite cold but not quite warm either. 


I have told you all countless times how important I think blazers are in girl's closet. Some people really like blazers and some people really don't, so, again, it is personal preference here. I recommend that you have at least one fancier, business blazer and one casual one to dress up any look. If you just get a couple in basic colors, like grey and black, you will be set! 


The temps of where you live will determine what type of coat your want to get. Some people have multiple coats, but I usually only have one in a neutral color. It snows a lot where I live, so I like to invest in a nice jacket. Get something that will last you a few winters. If you have enough to spend on two, find a classy, fancier coat (like a pea coat), and a coat that is just meant for keeping you extra warm (like a puffer).

I hope this helped in your search for the perfect outerwear collection. Stay tuned for the next edition of The Basics!

Stay classy,

P.S. Right now is a perfect time to buy coats and jackets because they are all on sale!

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