Monday, April 27, 2015

Fitness Restoration

It has been a long winter my furry friends. A long winter of yummy foods and sleeping. Aka: barely any working out. My motivation for working out just leaves the building over the winter, and now that spring is finally approaching, I'm back!

Alright, so with this new motivation in conjunction with the awesome spring weather so far, I have been trying to go on walks with my mom every evening. As I have previously said, repetition and making it a habit is essential for staying healthy. Find a friend or family member to walk with every day after work or school. It's great to talk about your day but also to get some great exercise. Work up to jogging for a little bit and walking for a little too.

I have also found a cardio and ab workout on YouTube that I have enjoyed doing a couple times a week. It is a seriously amazing ab workout and you get some cardio in there too. Click the video bellow, and start working!
Right now is the perfect time to eat those yummy, fresh fruits and vegetables too. Right now strawberries, grapes, and any of your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables taste amazing right now! Take advantage and eat up!

Remember to keep working, even when you fall sometimes. Find a friend to workout with. The motivation between the two people is a wonderful thing. Take advantage.

Stay classy,

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