Friday, April 3, 2015

Monthly Loves: March

March is over? Am I happy? Yes, I am very happy. It has been very cold all month, and I am ready for Easter and warm, spring weather. I have a few cult favorites that I have discovered this month or rediscovered have come back into my life and I am happy to share them with you all. Let's start with makeup.

Makeup Tool: Beauty Blender

I know, I know! I am so late on the band wagon; but I have finally jumped on. I was at a Sephora the other day, and I decided I should finally try it. One of the ladies there was praising it. She said she uses it every single day for her makeup (and might I add she had beautiful makeup). After its first use, I immediately loved it. It is much quicker to blend makeup with it than a brush, and it makes any makeup look more natural (more like my skin). I not only use it for my foundation, but also to blend out my concealer and to powder my face to set everything. I know its a bit pricey to spend on a sponge but it is really worth it! (wow, ramble much?)

Favorite Show: Friends

Big accomplishment, my dear Friends! I have officially watched every single episode of the spectacular show Friends. If you didn't already know, it is now on Netflix, and I decided to take on the challenge of watching every episode. I am so happy I did, and it was the funniest show I have ever seen! I'm a bit young for it so I never watched it when it was actually playing, but I decided I needed to because it is a classic. It was a greatest accomplishment, and I recommend that you watch it if you haven't. (FYI: Chandler is my favorite character.)

Favorite Book: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

This is an oldie, but I always bring it out during the summer time because it is such a good summer read. I just had my spring break, and I was in quite a sower mood because of my staycation and the presence of snow...during my spring break...that should be illegal. To get me in the spring/summer spirit, I brought it out. It is such a good read for this time of year. I recommend it. The story line is one of my favorites.

Favorite Song: Skinny Love by Bon Iver

This was a very hard decision because I know I have a lot of favorite songs this month. This song makes me the happiest, though. I had heard this song by Birdy once before, and I remembered it a little bit when it popped up on my Spotify. I love it so much more by Bon Iver. He has an incredible voice! It just makes me feel very calm and happy. Recommended!

Favorite Pins: Cara Delevingne and the best pickup line ever.

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