Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prom Prepsters: 10 Last Minute Tips

My prom is every approaching, so here is a list of few of my last minute tips for prom. It's just a few last minute things you may forget about before heading out the door. Just make sure to go through this check list the night before to make sure you having everything ready!

1. Make sure you have a clutch to hold your junk. I know I forgot to bring one last year, and it was very inconvenient. Bring one with you!
2. Apply another top coat to your nails. If you got your nails done a few days ago, apply an extra top coat just to ensure they are rock solid.
3. Sprits, sprits, twirl. Perfume is an often forgotten part, so make sure to sprits a little perfume all over.
4. Speaking of smelling good, apply deodorant. You will be dancing around like a maniac all night so some good deodorant is essential.
5. Do your makeup and hair after you put your dress on (if you can). The worst thing in the world pulling your dress over your head and pulling out several bobby pins in the process and then wiping your makeup on your dress. It's just not a good experience, so if you can do your makeup and hair last. If not, be VERY careful.
6. The week before, try to increase your water a lot! Water is so wonderful for your skin. It can help to keep your skin clear, and we know how detrimental it is to see a lovely little red spot explode on your forehead the day before.
7. Apply Vasaline to your feet. I heard this trick a while back, and I won't wear heals without doing it. A minute or two before you put your heels on that are very cute bun insanely  uncomfortable, rub some Vasaline on your feet, especially in the areas where your straps may rub your feet. This helps the straps slip smoothly around your feet to prevent blisters. Your feet will be a little slippery in your shoes but it will dry in just a couple minutes.
8. Go to the  restroom right before you leave. The struggle of having to go to the restroom at prom is awfully real. Try to prevent it by going right before you leave.
9. Make a final check in the mirror as you leave. Just make sure you don't have any hairs sticking up or makeup smudged somewhere.
10. Brush your teeth. Bad breath is just not classy. You will be taking A LOT of pictures when you first arrive and possibly before you get there so a pearly nice smile is always a good way to go. (A lot of people forget this step.)

Remember to be classy, my loves!

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