Monday, May 4, 2015

Monthly Loves: April

Another month has gone and a new one has now approached! May is here my furry friends! I've got a lot of music favorites this month and a few other things, so get excited! What are these wonderful things I am bursting with joy about telling you all? Well, keep reading, and you will find out!

Fashion Trend Love: Envelope Skort
(photo from here)
These started popping up last summer, but I have seen a lot more this year. I think they are really cool twist on your basic shorts for summer. The little flap adds a girly touch to any look. Check out express for some really cute ones! I think they look really cute with a simple t-shirt tucked into them. Try out this really cute look and let me know what you think! Plus, you don't have to worry about your skirt flying up in the summer breeze! And many of them have pockets! POCKETS! Only a girl knows how rarely awesome that is for skirts!

Makeup Love: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
(picture from here)
I hauled this is a blog post earlier this week (click here to read it), and, as I predicted, I have been LOVING it! I have had this concealer before, and just drifted away from using it because I wanted to test out other ones, and I regret doing that! It is, by far, the best concealer I have ever used. The unique sponge tip applicator makes it incredibly quick and easy to apply to the face. It also has great coverage. It is on the higher end of price when it comes to concealers at the drugstore, but this is totally worth it!

Pinterest Loves:
Cute Spring Outfit (picture from here)
Inspiration for my prom makeup (picture from here)
Dream apartment (picture from here)
Song Loves:

The Riddle (Five For Fighting)
Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men)
Drops of Jupiter (Train)
Tiny Dancer (Elton John)

I've got a few throwback and a few new songs I've really been loving. I couldn't just pick one, so look through the list and pick a couple. I have currently been listening to my playlist on Spotify called Bike Ride (they are the perfect mix of songs for a casual bike ride). If you are interested in any of these songs click here to check out the playlist.

Stay classy,